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Arctic Driving is headquartered in Åre, Jämtland, where operations are conducted year-round. Åre Ice Track is located in the middle of Åresjön with walking distance to the center.
The placement is optimal for making arrangements visible. When the weather conditions do not allow driving on the ice rink, we drive at Molanda Raceway and can also offer 4WD driving around the valley and up in the mountains.

In addition to Åre, from winter 2020 we also drive at Sälen Ski Resort on the lake Norra Löten

Travel to Åre

By air you travel either to Åre-Östersund airport (OSD) or to Trondheim's international airport, Værnes (TRD), where the bus will take you to Åre. By car you follow the E14 towards / from Trondheim or why not take the train that stops in the middle of Åre village?